December 28, 2010

Junkie 2 Junkie: Acti-Rides Flash Wrinkle Eraser System!

Acti-Rides Flash was developed by Guinot’s world-renowned research team of dermatologists, biologists and chemists. The product contains an exclusive active ingredient complex, proprietary to Guinot, called Derm Liss which is comprised of: Hyaluronic Acid to improve cutaneous suppleness and elasticity and restore moisture and also Dynalift which forms a firming and enveloping film over the skin’s surface for micro-lifting effect.

Over time, skin tends to lose its youthful appearance, often appearing tired and drawn. Fine lines and wrinkles form on foreheads, near the eyes, around the mouth, etc ue to the slackeing of the epidermis and loss of support from the basal layer. Acti-Rides Flash restores the skin’s suppleness by supporting the dermis underneath the wrinkle. Using the pen applicator, pressure is applied to each side of the wrinkle, causing the connective tissue under the wrinkle to furrow and move. As a result of this movement, the loose basal layer is lifted, filling in the wrinkle from within and lifting the skin on the surface, lending for a more youthful appearance. Acti Rides Flash’s active ingredients also stimulate the production of elastic fibers, restoring density to the dermal layer and reinforcing the network of elastic fibers.

Acti-Rides Flash’s pen applicator, with 3 dermo-balls, is especially important in the smoothing process. The first dermo-ball stimulates the dermis, targeting the wrinkle in the lower skin layers and physically erasing the wrinkle in the skin’s surface. The two other dermo-balls help the active ingredients from the serum optimally penetrate the skin, thus restoring density to the dermis and boosting the skin’s level of elasticity.

It is recommended to use Acti-Rides Flash daily and apply to main facial wrinkles, working in an upward direction over the frown lines, over the crow’s feet and along the smile lines. That said, in only 2 minutes, you should notice that wrinkles are visibly erased and your face should look smoother and more youthful.


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