November 29, 2010

SUN Bad... SPF Good...The 411 on Sun Protection

I can't stress this enough. THE SUN IS YOUR NUMBER ONE ENEMY!! It is one of the reasons for skin cancer, it depletes the collagen and elastin, and causes discoloration and trauma to the skin. Most of the sun damage that shows up on our bodies is done before the age of ten. While it's fun to lay on the sand or by the pool with no sunscreen, hat, or umbrella many of us won't be laughing when we look like prunes. So it's important to protect your skin from the sun to prevent further damage. Here are some facts about sunscreens when to wear them and how they work.

One thing to remember is that sun rays are extremely strong. Even when your out at 6am for your morning run, the sky may be cloudy but sun rays are still present and although they aren't causing a suntan, they are still effecting your skin.

UV Rays = Ultra Violet Radiation. There are two types of ultraviolet rays that are projected from the sun and actually touch the earth: UVA Rays and UVB Rays. Ultra Violet Aging Rays damage the collagen and elastin from the skin. This is very harmful because collagen and elastin are very difficult for cells to regenerate. Ultra Violet Burning Rays are the rays that actually burn skin and cause a tan or that orange leathery look in more mature individuals (years and years of damage). Some sun damage can be reversed thru chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

SPF = Sun Protection Factor. The sun protection factor is the amount of time you can remain under Ultra Violet Radiation before getting physically sun burnt. Scientists have found that humans can stay in the sun a total of 10 minutes before burning. This means that if a product has a Sun Protection Factor of 15 you can stay in the sun 150 minutes before you have to re-apply your sunscreen. So an SPF of 30 would mean:


So you can stay in the sun for up to 300 minutes before you have to re-apply your sunscreen. The reason we have to re-apply our sunscreen is because it absorbs into the skin. 

Physical sunscreen vs. Chemical Sunscreen These are the two types of sunscreens that can be purchased. A Physical sunscreen contains ingredients like "Zinc Oxide" and "Titanium Dioxide" which are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Physical sunscreens are best for sensitive and acne prone individuals because they are less likely to irritate the skin. This type of sun-screen reflects and scatters both UVA and UVB rays before they hit the skin. Chemical Sunscreens contain "avobenzone", "oxybenzone", and "octinozate" Work different than physical sunscreens. Chemical sunscreens still protect against both UVA and UVB Rays. Chemical sunscreens can be a bit more irritating to the skin. They have a sun-screening chemical that is absorbed into the skin and soaks up UV Radiation before it can harm the skin. 

There are differing opinions about which type of sunscreen is better. I believe that physical sunscreens are more beneficial to sensitive and acne prone clients along with young children. Chemical sunscreen is better for normal to dry skin individuals and mature clients. Most chemical sunscreens are moisturizers as well. Sunscreens are available in a lotion, cream, spray, and even foundation form. Whichever form you choose be sure that you are re-applying at least every two hours! Here are some of my favorites!

Thanks you for reading! Please ask as many questions as you like :)

November 19, 2010

If Pubes Could Talk: Waxing Tips for Men

"Manscaping", "Manzillian" These are just a few of the terms used to describe men's bikini waxing. Lets face it guys want to be smooth too! Some men do want to look like those slick skinned oiled up Dolce and Gabbana models, and trust me guys, your girls or guys want you to look that way too! Or maybe you just want to go to the beach but are embarrassed because your body looks like chewbacca (It's natural!)

Either way how do you get past your fear of picking up the phone, calling your local spa or salon and asking those dreaded words "Do you wax men?" In this post I'll teach you how to get your pubic hairs (and all other hair) removed from your body in the classiest way with the least amount of pain possible. Here goes. 

Tip One: Do Your Research!

If you have ever had a bad waxing experience it's probably because you didn't ask questions before or during the booking of your waxing appointment. It's always important to do your research on the place your going to bare it all before you bare it all and leave yourself vulnerable. Some smart questions to ask: While booking your appointment:
  • "What type of wax do you use?"  There are two different types of waxes that are used for hair removal. "strip wax" and "hard wax". 
    • Strip wax is usually used on larger parts of the body i.e. Chest, Back, legs and arms. It's placed then removed with a strip of palin (looks like white paper). Your esthetician should apply baby powder to your skin before hand so the wax only sticks to the hair not your skin. It you don't see them reaching for powder then "Houston you've got a problem!".
    • Hard wax is usually used for smaller areas of the body: underarms, bikini area, and the face. This wax is placed and removed by peeling it off the skin. Baby oil is applied before hair removal so the wax doesn't stick to the skin. 
It's good to know what type of wax is being used during your service because strip wax isn't always the best choice for more ethnic skin types. It can lift sensitive skin easier causing pigmentation spots. Hard wax is sometimes preferred because it can be applied to the same area more than one without damaging the skin.
  • "Do you use a numbing solution?" Numbing or "desensitizing solutions" contain two active ingredients: Lidocaine or Benzocaine. These ingredients work to numb the surface of the skin and take the sting out of waxing.
    • Some spa's sell numbing solutions for guests to take home and use before coming in for their waxing service others apply the numbing solution during the service.
    • Taking an Advil or Tylenol 30 minutes before waxing will also help to brighten your experience.
  • "Do you drape?"
    • Depending on the waxing service your getting some estheticians will drape certain areas to make clients feel comfortable. Draping is a personal preference for each esthetician, but it's good to know.

Tip Two: Trim before you go in!

This is important so read closely. Hair growth is a constant activity in the body processes. It's essential that your hair isn't too short or too long when you go in for a waxing service because your esthetician must be able to remove your hair from the root while all hair is the same length. Once this is achieved hair growth will slow down and soften.
  • Hair should be a quarter of an inch if it's fine and half an inch if it's coarse. This length is necessary In order to get the best results from your service. 
Final Tip: Just do it!

The outcome of depilatory waxing is very rewarding. You will have smoother exfoliated skin and hair will grow back slower and softer. Good luck guys!

    Funny Story About a Guy Who Braved a Manzillian


    November 14, 2010

    Junkie 2 Junkie: Sothys Nourishing Body Oil

    To all my product junkies believe me when I say this amazing body oil will change your life! It's from Sothy's Beauty Garden collection that's out this fall. Not only does it have a unique consistency, it's made with Organic Helianthus (Sunflower Oil) that leaves your skin feeling silky smoooooth!

    I've been using this products for six weeks and my skin feels amazing! For about $35 this product last for at least 6 months because a little goes a long way. There are not synthetic chemicals or fillers in this product which makes it close to organic! The natural plant oils really help to hydrate the skin and restore it's pH. This oil also contains Vitamin E, antioxidants and contributes to the anti aging skin regimen! Huile Nourrissante has a floral smell that's not overwhelming. It's light, sexy and seductive :)

    I would recommend Hulie Nourrrissant to anyone that is experiencing dry chapped or dull skin anywhere on their body. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which means it's gong to help repair the skin cells that are damaged by Ultraviolet Radiation aka the sun! It also plays an amazing role in anti aging by helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. For smoother softer skin I would definitely try this body oil, besides you can never go wrong with French products!